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Know About Pachai Patini Vratham

Embracing the Cosmic Mother

Every year, the Maasi festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Tamil month Maasi and ends on the last Sunday of Tamil month Panguni. Devi Mahamariamman, manifestation of Parashakti (Cosmic feminine consciousness) observes a 28-day fast (a special dietary regimen) during this time called the Pacchai Pattini Vratham for the welfare of Her devotees.

Let us protect the whole world from negativities and diseases by observing PACHAI PATTANI VRATAM, invoking the grace of Samayapuram Mahamaayi;

The highlight of the annual festival would be that of the presiding deity, MahaMari, deviating from the beaten religious track, who would fast Herself for four weeks in order to safeguard the interests of her countless devotees. This is the only temple in the country where the presiding deity Herself fasts for the sake of Her devotees.

During the period of fasting, Devi will not be offered the usual Naivedyam (offerings of cooked items). Instead, only light drinks would be offered ; namely tender coconut, sugar candy, jaggery water, and buttermilk.

The fasting (locally known as Pachai Pattini Viratham) is observed by Amman to ward off the low-consciousness frequency which emanates from when she vanquishes Mayasura.

Devi Maariamman of Samayapuram Temple Herself follows this Vratham for:

  1. Removal of evil possession

  2. Healing of fevers – Bhuta jvaram, Preta jvaram, Pishacha jvaram, Taapa jvaram, Vaishnava jvaram,Sarva jvaram

  3. Healing of all diseases of vata pitta kapha

  4. Healing of Maharogas – epilepsy, leprosy, etc.

  5. Healing of headache, back ache, body parts ache, jaundice, and so on

Why should you do Pacchai Pattini Vratham?

The Pachchai Pattini Vratham (Diet Regimen) is designed to:

  • Spiritually heal your physical and psychological ailments

  • Help clear out all toxins and blockages from your system

  • Strengthen your immune system to fight off diseases effectively

  • Relieve all your stress, anxiety, and mental tension

  • Purify your body

  • Create a space for Paramashiva and Parashakti to manifest

  • Spiritual healing of the whole world when they manifest

  • Prepared to receive the science of immortality

  • Receive the blessings of the goddess to stay protected from all diseases

Recommended daily vratham procedure to enhance your spiritual well-being

  1. Begin your day by chanting the mantra: “Om Hreem Shreem Indraksheem Shreem Pem Swaha” to invoke blessings from goddess Mahamariamman.

  2. Only consume food offered as Naivedyam to Devi Parashakti as it’s considered consecrated and has immense spiritual benefits.

  3. Follow Naivedyam timings for consumable items, and consult your doctor if necessary.

✓ Pray to Mahamariamman. Chant Om Hreem Shreem Indraksheem Shreem Pem Swaha,

ஓம் ஹ் ரீம் ஸ் ரீம் இந் த் ராǂீ ம் ஸ் ரீம் ேபம் ஸ் வாஹா

✓ Eat only what is mentioned as naivedyam to Devi Parashakti. Preferably, all items mentioned are to be taken as per timings of naivedyam. However, It is ok if this is not feasible***

❏ Tullu maavu – (ground rice with jaggery powder)

❏ Soaked moong dal (pasi paruppu. with tender cucumber)

❏ Panakam (Jaggery water),

❏ Neer more (liquid buttermilk),

❏ Sugarcane pieces

❏ Coconut water (any coconut water)

❏ fruits in meagre quantity one time in the day

✓ Bathe (including hair wash) twice a day- morning and evening.

✓ Sleep on the floor – use pure woolen blanket (non-violent) as mattress and to cover yourself

✓ Avoid shaving any part of your body or cutting nails during this time.

✓ Observe brahmacharya

✓ Do continuous Ajapa Japa, Mahavakya Chanting – Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

✓ Devotees fasting can drink water

Naivedyam Timings

6.00 am – Tullu maavu made with Kalkandu powder (refer the recipe below)

8.00 am – Sugarcane pieces and Coconut water

12.00 pm – Tullu maavu made with jaggery powder,

Panakam (with jaggery, cardamom and lemon juice alone. No dry ginger powder), Buttermilk

– Neer moru (Churned curd, mixed with water without salt.)

– Pasiparuppu (Soaked moong dal, with lemon juice and tender cucumber added – Adding mustard tempering or salt to be avoided)

5.00 pm – Tullu maavu with jaggery powder and Fruits**

8.00 pm – Tullu maavu with Jaggery powder

9.00 pm – Tullu maavu with Kalkandu powder

Note on fruits

For naivedyam, offer of Banana is preferred..

Kamika Agama says Banana is the best among fruits.

The offering is done to Devi at 5 pm daily.

Those fasting can take locally available fresh fruits in meagre quantity at this time.

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