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The kitchen at Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple LA is known as the ‘Anna Mandir.  Anna means food. Mandir means temple. Following SPH JGM’s Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivams vision, the Anna Mandir at Kailaasa Los Angeles has been serving the public since its inception by offering free food for all visitors and devotees.   To date, we have served over 500,000 visitors and devotees in the form of food prepared for daily rituals, religious festivals and special events.  The Anna Mandir prepares and serves only organic, vegetarian, satvik (high vibration) food.

The Anna Mandir also regularly offers Anna Daan, or food donations, to organizations serving those in need in the Los Angeles area.  Anna Daan is the time honored Hindu Tradition of serving free food to those in need.  We have partnered wtih numerous non-profit organizations in Southern California that work with a variety of communities in need to donate food throughout the year. 

The Anna Mandir doesn’t just provide food for people, but also for living deities. As an avatar, Swamiji has the ability to do prana pratistha to infuse life into these deities inside our temples . We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the deities as naivedyam. Once the food has been offered to the deities, the blessed food, energized with divine energy, is then provided to the public as prasad to be eaten.

Every Saturday at 4 PM, Nithyananda Annamandir hosts an Ayurvedic Cooking Class, displaying different healthy, Sattvic Indian recipes for viewers to enjoy and try for themselves. You can view it live on Facebook or Youtube. (Note: these classes are currently paused until further notice)

Subscribe to Kailasa’s Los Angeles Nithyananda Annalaya’s Youtube channel for videos about health, nutrition, recipes and more

Nithyananda Annamandir continues to collect Anna Daan (food donations to be served to the community) with the goal of no hungry person left behind.   We kindly request that food donations be organic and vegetarian.  Monetary donations can be made here  

Learn how to make delicious and simple coconut rice in the South Indian style as taught by our expert cooks.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here to see more cooking videos.

Learn how to make delicious and healthy curry as taught by our expert cooks.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here to see more cooking videos.

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