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Once, in the great forest of knowledge sat Bhagavan Paramashiva, the all-knowing source, under the banyan tree in Kailaasa. From His vibrating silence, streamed forth the Knowledge of all that is. That knowledge stream awakened the being of all His disciples and descendants and became the soul of the greatest enlightened civilization ever existed.

Paramashiva has revealed millions of scriptures - Veda Agamas, Dharma Shastras, Shruti, Smriti and more. As per the vision of SPH JGM Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam, all the contributions of Paramashiva need to be organized. revived, decoded and mapped to the needs of modern day human beings and shared with the world. 

Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple LA inaugurated a Library of Hindu Scriptures in 2020. It houses more than 1000 books on Hinduism and is situated inside the temple grounds.  The public is welcome to visit the library during regular temple hours.

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