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Kailaasa LA Temple Vision Mission, Significance as revealed by Swamiji


Watch this video as an introduction to the Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple, Los Angeles (NHTLA):

Mission & Vision


The Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple at LA (NHTLA) is Punya Kshetra and Theertha Sthala for Hinduism. Its importance is revealed directly by Sadashiva to Swamiji (The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism JGM Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam) in a vision. Sadashiva revealed in 2002 that the Los Angeles area will host the headquarters of the western hemisphere of Kailasa  (Click on the video below).

This temple was lovingly conceptualized and built by the SPH himself over a year in 2005. He personally selected the location and construction of the temple, and performed the sacred “Pranaprathishta” ceremony where he infused the deities with His own conscious energy. The deities will radiate the energy of Swamiji, Sadashiva forever. The first thing a newcomer notices when they enter the temple is the vibrant energy in the space. 


Watch the grand inauguration of the temple by SPH:

NHTLA is the flagship temple inspired by the SPH, one of twelve (12) in North America. The temple is entrusted with the sacred task of creating the Kailaasa Enlightenment ecosystem in Southern California, in the US and the entire western hemisphere.


The primary vision for NHTLA is become a physical encapsulation of Hinduism itself:

  1. Responsible for preserving and spreading Hinduism in Southern California

  2. Become a “museum” of Hinduism showcasing its beauty and glory


NHTLA is also the global headquarters and physical center for Nithyananda Hindu University - the largest Hindu University in the world, with over 200,000 enrolled in courses so far.  NHU is a certified religious university registered in California, but serving the world. In 2021 alone, NHU conducted over 500 programs reaching 30,000 students.


NHTLA is also authorized by the Akhil Bharathiya Akada Parishad (the caretakers of Kumbh Mela) to be the center for conducting Kumbh Mela outside India. The center has conducted three Kumbh Melas so far - in 2005, 2014 and 2015


The NHTLA is blessed by SPH with Fire energy just His birthplace Arunachala; just like Arunachala, anyone who remembers this sacred temple will attain moksha (“smaranath mukti”).


The LA Temple is also blessed by SPH to be known for Superconscious evolution and Power Manifestation. Anyone who personally does abhishekam to the main deities - Nithyanandeshwara and Nithyanandeshwari will instantly manifest powers. 


Significance of Deities and Temple


The main deities (Nithyanandeshwara/Nithyanandeshwari, Swamiji, Kapila Muni and Nithyanandeshwara Linga) are swayambhu; on the day they were installed, right after they were installed there was an earthquake - which means that the earth has accepted them as a part of its own.


The main shrine has these deities in the middle, with Venkateshwara on one side and Raja Rajeshwari on the other. The main deities - Nithyanandeshwara/Nithyanandeshwari, Venkateshwara and Nithyanandeshwara Linga - were personally carved by Swamiji and radiate his energy. 


When Sri Venkateshwara was installed, the base of Venkateshwara was installed 10 feet deep in the ground. Swamiji said that once Sri Venkateshwara is installed he will stop all major earthquakes in the region. Sri Venkateshwara in LA has a very special energy that he grants anyone whatever they ask for.


The Dakshinamurthy deity is also carved personally by Swamiji. 


NHTLA will also be the physically host the largest Hindu Library in the world to be built, with at least 1 million books. This will be part of the Hinduism Time Capsule that is built by SPH.


About Kailasa

KAILASA is a macrocosmic ancient Hindu enlightened civilizational nation whose vision is 'Living Enlightenment' for all of humanity. KAILASA's mission is to revive and share with today’s world the practical applications of the greater sciences of authentic Hinduism including Hindu cosmic physics, Hindu alchemy, Hindu cosmology, Hindu biology, Hindu mathematics, Power Manifestation and other sciences as revived by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. These sciences were once practiced freely in over 56 nations across the continent but are now facing extinction due to persecution over a millennium.


Kailasa does not put importance on territory alone, hence it has created 100s of enlightenment ecosystems around the world. Thirty million global adherents of KAILASA are today living in over 100 countries supporting 2 billions Hindus worldwide. These Adi Shaivites form one of the most successful communities in the world in every country they live. These followers have created KAILASA to bring that successful life and lifestyle to the world as a service. Currently, Kailasa is a consortium of multiple micronations which house Hindu universities, gurukuls, temples, temple monastery complexes, food banks, animal shelters, and libraries, many of which are de facto spiritual embassies for the nation of Kailasa.

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