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Kailaasa Los Angeles: Creating an Enlightened Ecosystem

Swamiji’s Vision for Kailaasa Los Angeles

The grand vision for KAILASA LOS ANGELES includes construction of a traditional agamic temple which will enable enlightenment of millions of people. The grand architectural features and the beautiful space within, will awaken the kundalini Shakti of the visitors. 

Highlights of the temple will include a 20 ft. tall Gopuram, Dwajasthambam, Mukha mandapams for the main areas, Ardha mandapam for the deities, Shri Dakshinamurthy Teacher’s Memorial, and Hinduism Time Capsule Jnanalaya among several other plans.

The projects will be implemented in a phased manner over the years. Some of which are ready to be executed immediately.

Project #1: Hinduism Time Capsule
Nerve center of Hindu knowledge
Projected expenses: 250,000 USD

Swamiji shared that Kailasa in Los Angeles will showcase, preserve, educate, and share the rich and grand heritage of Hinduism through Hinduism Time Capsule. 


The temple is also the global headquarters and physical center for the Nithyananda Hindu University. The proposal includes the construction of wall-to-wall bookshelves, a foyer, and tranquil reading spaces for the patrons.


The space will house millions of books, principal text, and sacred scriptures covering every dimension of Hinduism, including advanced philosophy, super conscious evolution, and the Hindu way of life. This expansive book and scripture collection will be the largest in North America serving as the nerve center for a comprehensive study of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and research. 

Project #2: Dakshinamurthy Teachers Memorial
Projected expenses: 50,000 USD

Paramashiva embodied as Parama Guru is referred to as Shri Dakshinamurthy.  He is the teacher who is ready to teach the divine knowledge to any devoted seeker who is willing to sit at his feet in Upanishad.  


Swamiji shared that the Shri Dakshinamurthy deity which is currently inside the garbha mandir will be installed outside the temple where millions of people will get darshan and Nayana-Deeksha by him.  (Nayana Deeksha is where the divine eyes fall on the devotee, and darshan is where the devotee see's the divine)


The plan includes the construction of a traditional mandapam next to the main entrance of the temple. 

Project #3: Agamic Golden Temple
Punya Kshetra and Theertha Sthala for Hinduism
Projected expenses: 150,000 USD

Swamiji’s beautiful and grand vision for Kailasa Los Angeles includes building a large, traditional, and fully functioning agamic temple, built according to the instructions laid out in the Agama's or the operational manual for Hinduism.

The temple will be golden in color and will be built in the form of a traditional Shaivite temple.


The work will be carried out in multiple stages that will be executed in a phased manner.

Support and Build Your Temple!
Once in a lifetime opportunity

Project 1: Hinduism Time Capsule (250K USD)

Project 2: Shri Dakshinamurthy Teacher’ Memorial (50K USD)

Project 3: Agamic Golden Temple (150K USD)

Silver Donor: 5,001 USD

Gold Donor: 10,008 USD

Platinum Donor: 21,000 USD

All donations to the temple [non-profit 501(c)(3)] are tax-deductible donations. 

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