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Krushi is the Sanskrit word for agriculture. Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple LA began this initiative in 2020 as the COVID epidemic was underway.  Our guru, SPH JGM Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam, has emphasized the importance of developing self sufficiency when it comes to nutrition and how critical it is that we eat only the best organic food, and ideally grow it ourselves.  It is our belief that the Los Angeles community would best be served by a ready supply of organic vegetables grown by sangha (religious congregation) members near the temple.  


Following our guru's vision, the Krushi team has transformed a barren back area of a vacant lot into a lush field of plenty.  Since then, the temple and local community has had a steady supply of fresh organic vegetables grown with love.  From gargantuan squash to tender lettuce to cilantro to mint to ginger, green beans, corn, and hibiscus flowers, all manner of produce is cultivated by the Krushi team.


The team is led by local sangha experts in agriculture and uses generously donated land and water.  All seeds and materials have also been purchased with donations from the community. We meet once a week on average, digging holes, shoveling wood chips, planting, weeding, harvesting.  All the produce from this garden is first offered to our guru for blessing and then shared with the temple kitchen and also with the community through various foodbanks.  

It is clear that we are in a time of great transition.  We are leaving a time of materialism, a time where we have focused on superficial values; we are entering into a time of high consciousness.  The true essentials of life for this transition are guru, yoga, love, and satvik organic nutrition.  Through the krushi project we have been blessed to experience all this and more.  


We have had a wonderful time on this project and tasted its amazing fruits!  Volunteering is one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know other people and to learn more about agriculture and farming. We invite the sangha and community at large to join us in making Swamiji's vision a reality. 


Please contact Raquel Valles at if you are interesed in volunteering with Krushi Organic Garden.  We would love you to join!


If you are interested in donating materials for financial resources, we welcome them as well; please contact Gaurishankar Ananda 

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