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Sat, Sep 09


Kailasa Los Angeles

Sri Ananda Venkateshwara Puja

Do you want to effortlessly create wealth in your life? Do you want to achieve your financial goals this year? Do you want to manifest your desires into reality?

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Sri Ananda Venkateshwara Puja
Sri Ananda Venkateshwara Puja

Time & Location

Sep 09, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PDT

Kailasa Los Angeles, 9720 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763, USA

About the event

Shastra Pramana:

The Vishnu Sahasranama phalashruti verse -6

यशः प्राप्नोति विपुलं याति प्राधान्यम् एव च |

अचलां श्रियम् आप्नोति श्रेयः प्राप्नोत्य् अनुत्तमम् || ६ ||

yaśaḥ prāpnoti vipulaṃ yāti prādhānyam eva ca |

acalāṃ śriyam āpnoti śreyaḥ prāpnoty anuttamam || 6 ||

He becomes endowed with great reputation and becomes the foremost amongst his kith and kin. He acquires undiminished wealth in this world, and unexcelled prosperity (in the other world ie. Liberation). Bhagavan Venkateshwara bestows all the Ananta Kalyana Gunas ( Divine Auspicious Qualities) and the one who worships Him receives abundance in Wealth and all other dimensions of life.


सहस्र शीर्षं देवं विश्वाक्षं विश्वशंभुवम् ।

विश्वै नारायणं देवं अक्षरं परमं पदम् ॥

Sahasra Sheerasham Devam

Vishvaksham Vishwashambhuvam

Vishwam Narayanam Devam

Aksharam Paramam Padam

This universe is the Eternal Being (Narayana), the imperishable, the supreme, the goal, multi-headed and multi-eyed (i.e.,omnipresent and omniscient), the resplendent, the source of delight for the whole universe.

Kruthethu Naarasimho Bhoo Trethayaam Raghunandana

Dwapare Vasudevascha Kalau Venkatanayaka! ||

Translation: In Kritha Yuga, Lord Narasimha, In Treta Yuga Lord Sri Rama, In Dwapara Yuga Lord Sri Krishna, and in Kaliyuga Lord Sri Venkateswara are called as Prathyaksha Dhaivams (Deities).


  • Venkateshwara Alankar seva

  • Venkateshwara Abhishekam

  • Venkateshwara Garland Seva

  • Venkateshwara Archana




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