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With the blessings and grace of SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, KAILASA Los Angeles - Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple invites you to join us in a grand celebration of our love and devotion to the Divine Mother this Navaratri: October 15th - 24th. 

Offer your gratitude and surrender during the most intense time of the year when Mother comes just to nourish and shower her children with love and to fulfill their every desire.

Join us in celebrating Devi Parashakti who will take on a different form of Devi during these 9 nights. Each evening a special Navaratri puja will be offered to that night's form of Devi, along with daily evening Aarti and chanting of ‘Aigiri Nandini’ stotram.  In addition we will also offer a grand abhishekam to Devi on October 8th and offer the very powerful Sri Vidya puja on Oct. 15th.  

Receive Devi's grace and blessings by sponsoring any of the pujas, alankar, garlands or make a donation for anna daan.  This Navaratri, you have the chance to make an offering towards the ‘Durga Prathima Pandal’ - the setting-up of a Sri Durga Devi display especially for Navaratri.

Grand Sponsor:   $1008

Durga Prathima Pandal:   $501

Sri Vidya Puja:   $251

Maha Abhishekam:   $151

Daily Devi Puja:   $108

Daily Alankar Seva:   $108

Garland Seva:    $108

Anna Daan - $108

Navaratri celebrations are FREE & open to all.  Those who wish to make an offering/sponsorship may do so.

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