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Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue is the fatigue which happens to you by making decisions. It is based on the premise that decisions are complex and take a lot of mental resources and therefore one needs to be tired at the end of the day. Such a person will look to relax and be pampered at any given opportunity.

Many times, it is when an individual thinks, thinks, and thinks, but does not take even the first step. One of the biggest obstacles that stops a person from doing great things, or manifesting powers is the stupid idea of ‘Decision fatigue’.


Take a person responsible for a building being built. For most people involved, nothing is being done other than making few phone calls. But everyone is tired, fatigued, thinking they are doing a lot.

But nobody is building anything! Even if the construction is happening, what someone would actually be doing would be only calling a few people and meeting them, nothing else. If a post-mortem is done about exactly what’s happening, it boils down to making phone calls and talking, and at the most, signing a few papers, that’s it.

But people are so arrogant, they don’t want to believe that they are not doing anything. They thrive on pampering themselves with arrogance. To cheat others, they start saying, “I’m doing this, I’m doing that.” And finally, they themselves start believing and get cheated by it.

Getting cheated by one’s own self is what is called ‘fatigue-decision’ or ‘decisions of fatigue’. When the decision-making leads to fatigue, one decides to be arrogant. Getting fatigued, comes from believing that one is doing great things. Decision fatigue results in arrogance and destroys life. The Maya Matrix always pampers it.

If one understands that, they will be a light being, they will be young forever. Decision-making is an easy way of existence.

Whatever be one’s achievement in this world, till one experiences and manifests Sadashivatva, they are replaceable. Only if they manifest Sadashivatva, they are worthy of being reproducible.

This is the way every day you should measure yourself – what is the purpose of life? Manifesting Sadashivatva in me, and helping others to manifest Sadashivatva... yesterday, you had the World and you had you. What did you do to manifest Sadashivatva in you and into the World?

The Feeling of “No Time Available”

The feeling of ‘no time available’ is the lowest level of Integrity. As Paramahamsa Nithyananda calls it, you are a “thought pornography addict”. This means that for example, to build a hall, you will think about it 2000 times, but you will not even make a single phone call to make it into reality, to get the yellow pages book to call the contractor. The highest wealth is taking life causally, having clarity about your goal, being ground reality based, and knowing you have plenty of time that you can go on be doing what you want and have to do, using this body and mind you have. And when this body and mind is worn out, you can drop it and pick up another one body and mind and continue to do what you are supposed to do. This is the greatest luxury you can have in life.

The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Decision Fatigue is the only cause of feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is saying no to life; it develops a strong powerlessness pattern in you. For example, the moment you hear – Swamiji asked me to build a 20,000 sq. feet meditation hall, you think “Aaah, I have not even built a 2000 square feet home in my life. It is the first time. I don’t know what I am going to do. I never did this...” Immediately, you start feeling overwhelmed.

The way to act is “Yes, 20,000 sq. feet meditation hall, what am I supposed to do? First phone call - get me yellow pages. Second phone call - call the contractors, third phone call - sit and talk to them and study, fourth phone call - try to make deeper understandings and pen down a contract.”

Do not think - I have not done this. Remember, life itself you are living for first time. Everyday is first time.

Isavasya Upanishad says: tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gṛdhaḥ kasya svid-dhanam || 1 || kurvann eveha karmāṇi jijīviṣec chataṁ samāḥ| evaṁ tvayi nānyatheto ‘sti na karma lipyate nare || 2 ||

Live 100s of years; means do not feel overwhelmed. Do not say NO to life. Say YES to life. Feeling overwhelmed is one of the worst cunning ways of saying no to life. It is a sin against yourself, atma hatya papa, atma hatya dosha. Feeling overwhelmed is equivalent to saying NO to life. Don’t do that crime to yourself.

Live with the inner space of a Varnashrama Brahmin, not the Chandallatva of decision fatigue

A Brahmana who lives the proper Brahmanatva, will go on be making decision being grounded in reality; without getting caught into this Maya Matrix. A Brahmana established in Brahmanatva runs the whole kingdom and the society by making decisions. But he cannot even afford to think he should be pampered. That is why he decides to live in poverty forever and sambhavana forever without charging or making any money equivalent to his services. The moment a Brahmana decides his service is equivalent to certain money and he himself starts believing he is no more a Brahmana, he is Chandala. He will develop Decision Fatigue. The person who is grounded in Reality, who goes on making decisions and supporting the society and country to flourish, he should be showered all the respects and all the best things; but he himself never falls into Decision Fatigue.

Chandallatva of decision fatigue is nothing but thinking too much about yourself just because you gave an idea about how a temple should be constructed and somebody else is constructing. The large temples our Masters, Kings, and Gurus built, you will rarely in one corner of a pillar see their statues. It is so small, negligible. For example, you have to do so much research to find where Rajaraja’s statue is in Thanjavur temple, where Vallalla Maharaja’s statue is in Tiruvannamalai temple; because they never had a decision fatigue. If they had decision fatigue they would have thought they are too big and they would have put their statues prominently in a big way.

Pitta Layer and Decision Fatigue

When you develop Decision Fatigue, it physically becomes a pitta layer on your brain. When you allow that pitta layer to remain, the decision fatigue becomes your muscle memory and bio-memory. It is a vicious cycle you are caught in. If you break the pitta layer, you will get into the virtuous circle - more joy, less pitta layer, less Decision Fatigue; it just becomes virtuous circle.

Decision Fatigue in the Maya Matrix

When you feel you are not okay with the Maya Matrix, there is a part of you that is falling in love with going beyond the Maya Matrix. However, there is still some part of you that is not ready to compromise, which wants to fall into that deep sleep again. Whenever there is this part of you that rebels and resists, Decision Fatigue is used as a high dosage to put you back into that slumber.

Just one blow of Decision Fatigue can put you back to the slumber. It is like purposely somebody is kept in coma; even if they come out, just one dosage of medicine is all that is needed for them to go back to coma.

Decision Fatigue steals your life from you. Decision Fatigue directly tires your liver and intestine. Decision Fatigue directly affects your existence.

Move out of Decision Fatigue

The person who makes you believe you are doing too much, is robbing your life. Person who makes you believe nothing is being done, relax, be cool, is making you younger and He takes away arrogance part of you, gives life to you. Become bold not bald. It is such simple seeing through.

The decision fatigue is a fatigue decision. When you are tired, when you are bored, irritated, angry, even one small stone that you decided that somebody should move, you think, “Wow, what a job I have done and I am not given a credit and the responsibility, my value is not respected. Now I need few hours of golf and few glass of wine and bar and club and pub and dance and what not, I should be pampered by now and because so much I have done. Everything which is denied for common man should be provided for me now because I have done so much.” Tiredness comes by the decision-making and you deciding to entertain that tiredness and out of that tiredness, making more and more stupid decisions that you are too big. How much ever big you may be, till you experience, manifest Sadashivatva, you are replaceable.

Only if you manifest Sadashivatva, you are worthy of being reproducible. As long as you start manifesting Sadashivatva, you are just replaceable.

Solution for Decision Fatigue

Integrity will ground you and get you out of Decision Fatigue. If the Decision Fatigue becomes your bio-memory and muscle-memory, selling yourself constantly to your boss, you also start believing, after sometime your value is more or less like , if he is not there things will collapse, not that if he is there he is going to contribute. Understand. Your value for the team is contributing is one scale, the other way if he is not there it will collapse. If he is not there it will collapse means you have built your bio-memory and personality based on Decision Fatigue and you keep only rain in your control, you are not contributing, enriching. It should always be, you should be remembered for the contributions you make not because you keep the reins under your control, in your hand. This one thing Integrity can grow roots for you and make you excel, live. Excel, live can make the Decision Fatigue redundant and irrelevant.

Powerlessness and Confusion

Remembering whatever puts you in powerlessness and not remembering what is actually your life’s mission is loss of memory, Apasmara. Apasmara is the angadevata (lit. body part deity) of Decision Fatigue. Feeling confused is the Oneness of Decision Fatigue.

When you believe something is your own and something else is not your own, you have decision fatigue. When you remove that, love can be an amazing lubrication, antidote, to liberate you from Decision Fatigue.

Manifesting Powers is Sadashivatva


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