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Nirahara Samyama - Beyond Food?

Nirahara Samyama is a technique from the Vedic Tradition to explore and discover your body’s possibilities to live without any external input like food or water. In truth, your body is the miniature of the Cosmos, with all possible intelligence in it. If a fish can swim, you can swim; if bird can fly, you can fly; and if plants can make food directly from the air and Sun rays, your body can also do that. Every extraordinary capability and possibility is inside your bio-memory. You just need to explore and rediscover these possibilities in you.


Nirahara literally translates to “no-food”, and Samyama means exploring and discovering your various possibilities and powers being centered on a certain technique or spiritual process. Together, Nirahara Samyama means exploring the body’s possibility to live without having any external input like food or water. The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken the natural intelligence of making food out of natural resources like Sun rays, air and the prana (or life energy) which is directly available from space.

You have something called muscle-memory.. It means your basic habits. The way you respond, the way you like things, the way you hate things, the way you are addicted to certain things or the way you are allergic to certain things. That component which has the basic survival instinct and all the basic knowledge you need to run this life, is muscle-memory.

Similarly, you have something called bio-memory. There are higher intelligences which you learnt in your past lives - For example, the ability to fly like a bird, the ability to swim like a fish, ability to live underwater, and the ability to produce food directly from the air and the sunrays. All these powers are in your bio-memory. Then why don’t we remember it? Humans over the ages, have put too much solid food into their bodies and thus curtailed the awakening of their body’s natural intelligence of creating food from within.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says – “The moment you assumed the body of pig, buffalo, bull etc in your life’s journey, you stopped your natural intelligence from functioning. When you were in the body of plants and trees, you had the natural intelligence to create food. When you evolved to other bodies, the next level of animal bodies, your taste for solid food made you dump so much food in the system that you caused your body’s bio memory to forget the original intelligence of creating food . Now, all I am doing to those practising Nirahara Samyama is simply re-awakening the original intelligence buried in your bio-memory.”

Eat to become powerful, not out of powerlessness

Nirahara Samyama is not about trying to reduce your food supply; it is the process of helping you to complete with all incompletions, which you are wrongly trying to complete through eating. Oftentimes, if you need 1000 calories to run your day, you are dumping 10,000 calories into your system not because you are tired or hungry, but just to ‘complete’ some other incompletions.

Emptiness you experience in your heart cannot be fulfilled by the food. Food can fill only the empty stomach, not the empty heart. It is unfortunate you go on dumping food into your body to fill the empty heart which is not possible and which is not right. Nirahara Samyama teaches you to eat only for your hunger, not for your anger. It teaches you to feed your body only to become powerful, not out of powerlessness.

Upon the completion of the Nirahara Samyama, when you become a Nirahari, you are not expected to never to eat at all. You will eat playfully, not as a bondage. Food will not be a bondage that needs to be given as a supply to fulfill the needs of the body three times a day. When you feel like it, you eat. When you don’t, you simply obtain energy through the power of Nirahara.

Our Love Connection with Food

Food is equal to Love; Love is Equal to Food

Every human being associates their fears, greed, attention need and idea of love to food. That is why if somebody gives you food, you will feel ‘wow’ this person loves me. Food is very closely associated with love all over the world.

For example, in Indian culture, whether it is joy or suffering, we share food. If it is marriage we share food, if it is death also we share food. So food is directly associated with love and the same way all the patterns related to love, attention-need is also connected with food. Therefore, food becomes a very emotional component of life. Now when one is liberated from food, the associated emotional patterns are also eliminated.

Food is Emotional. Nirahara is Excitement

Food is emotional. When you try to liberate from food and the patterns created by food, first thing will happen to you is – those unnecessary sentiments, emotions associated with food will break. So the reasonless excitement, a kind of subtle joy, will be constantly happening in your system.

Conquer Over-Eating

People end up overeating when they are stressed or when they are celebrating. Practicing Nirahara Samyama helps you to overcome such unhealthy eating patterns. Medical studies on people doing this process show that apart from losing excess weight, their blood work including Vitamin D levels improve significantly.

Power of a Nirahari

When you become a Nirahari, you become auspicious. You become Chinmaya Vigrahas - Mangala Vigrahas. Whoever sees you is blessed. Wherever you walk is a blessing. Even if somebody falls at your feet and touches your feet, they will only receive good. Why? Because The Samyama has to happen in the sixth layer of the body. To get into that level, a lot of clearance has to be done. The fear, lust, anger, guilt pattern, The samyama has to happen in the sixth layer, so to get into that level lot of clearance need to be done, lot of cleaning need to be done.

Ramakrishna tells very beautifully. Even celibacy is lot more easy but controlling the tongue is the real tapas. It is not a joke to not eat or chew solid food. That is the main thing taken away from you. The job of grinding from intestines is taken away. The animalistic lust, fear patterns - much of the patterns loose powers over you.The Samyama brings the auspiciousness for so many possibilities are awakened.

Beyond Fasting or Feasting

Nirahara literally translates to “no-food”, but the Nirahara Samyama itself goes beyond fasting or feasting. It is to ‘reawaken’ this primal intelligence, this energy that has always been locked within us.

How Niraharis live on Prana

During the Nirahara Samyama, the Avatar has programmed the Nirahara experience on the simultaneous practice of three techniques: (1) Ajapa Japa or continuous meditative chanting, (2) Mahābhāva or feeling connection, and (3) Sahaja Samadhi or Unclutching.

Ajapa Japa is the process of continuous chanting of the Guru mantra (the sacred chants of the Guru). In Ajapa Japa, the Guru Mantra ‘Auṁ Hreem Nithyanandāya Namaḥ’ mantra is repeated constantly with the visualisation of the mantra moving in circular direction around the throat. Ajapa Japa is one of the straightforward ways to maintain heightened levels of awareness, which also awakens the Kundalini Shakti.

Next, feeling connection is achieved by meditating on the Ananda Gandha, the subtle energy center that is located between the heart energy center (Anahata Chakra) and navel energy center (Manipuraka Chakra). Ananda Gandha is the direct doorway to the Guru or Master.

Finally, unclutching is the process of being an observer of all thoughts that arise in oneself. The thoughts are neither encouraged nor suppressed; they are witnessed continuously.

Nirahara Samyama includes all the above mentioned three techniques. In addition, the most important part is the initiation by the Guru or the Master, which awakens the bio-memory to its innate state. This innate state is not a ected by either the presence or absence of food. The initiation when combined with the three techniques help to tap the innate energy within us in the absence of physical food.

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