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Pacchai Pattini Vratham

Ultimate fasting The Traditional Yogi Way


A sacred female deity in India, known for healing diseases and worshiped by millions, fasts for a month to purify humanity. We, too, can join her on this fast and create that same healing experience in our own lives.

Devi Mahamariamman adopts a special diet that is eaten in small quantities 6 times a day. In addition, there are specific actions that are listed below.


  • Purification of self

  • Healing of self

  • Healing of others

Dates: from March 12th 2023 to April 9th 2023

To join Mahamaari Mariamman,  in purifying humanity, these are the steps:


✓ Pray to Mahamariamman using the chant Chanting Om Hreem Shreem Indraksheem Shreem Pem Swaha,

✓ Eat only what is mentioned as food offered

✓ Bathe (including hair wash) twice a day- morning and evening.

✓ Sleep on the floor – use pure woolen blanket (non-violent) as mattress and to cover yourself

✓ Avoid shaving any part of your body or cutting nails during this time.

✓ Observe brahmacharya, (celibacy)

✓ Do continuous chanting: called Ajapa Japa, Mahavakya Chanting – Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

✓ Devotees fasting can drink water

Food to be eaten

❏ Tullu maavu – (ground rice with jaggery powder, Indian course brown sugar)

❏ Soaked moong dal (pasi paruppu. with tender cucumber)

❏ Panakam (Jaggery water, Indian course brown sugar ),

❏ Neer more (liquid buttermilk),

❏ Sugarcane pieces

❏ Coconut water (any coconut water)

❏ fruits in meagre quantity one time in the day

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Disclaimer: Please consult your medical doctor first.

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