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Ignite Your Parenting Superpowers through Completion!

Discover the extraordinary parent within you!

Join our dynamic workshop and unlock the secrets to effective parenting.

Embrace the power of proven, time-tested, practical principles and tools from Hinduism to create a harmonious family environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to become the best parent you can be!
  • Connect with your children on a deeper level.
  • Discover ways to build stronger bonds and foster healthy relationships with your children.
  • Tap into your superpowers of empathy, resilience, and adaptability.
  • Unleash your creativity to make parenting a joyful and rewarding experience.
  • Transform your parenting journey into an extraordinary adventure!
Time: Saturday, 10am to 1pm Pacific Time
Date: Coming Soon

Limited spaces available! Reserve your spot today.

Registration Fee: Free
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Free Organic Sattvic Energized meals will be served 
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