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101 Definitions of Living Enlightenment

1. Changing what you need to change, accepting what you don't need to change.

2. Approaching life with sincere playfulness.

3. Feeling a constant connection with cosmos.

4. Enjoying without craving and renouncing without suffering.

5. Living beyond your ordinary logic.

6. Discovering and celebrating that you are unique.

7. Welcoming every way in which life introduces itself to you.

8. Working with passion, waiting with patience.

9. Intensity becoming part of your bio-memory.

10. Restful awareness in every action.

11. Living with a deep feeling that the whole cosmos is miracle.

12. Surrender without guarantee from to who you surrender.

13. Constantly supporting the needs of your being instead of the needs of your ego, the needs of your individuality not the needs of the personality.

14. Running your life on inspiration, not on effort, fear or greed.

15. Unclutching.

16. Living with yogic body and Vedic mind.

17. Living with a free and open liberated inner space.

18. Freedom from whims and fantasies.

19. Remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you to forget.

20. Not carrying vengeance against others or oneself.

21. Taking responsibility for everything happening in you, to you, and around you.

22. Living with the power to create your destiny every moment.

23. Having the courage to change when change happens to you.

24. Living without the gap between inner and outer worlds.

25. Enjoying the chaos of life within the frame of your body.

26. When the ideas of honor and dishonor can no longer touch you.

27. Not being caught in extremes.

28. Living effortlessly.

29. Having the clear understanding of oneself and the world and god and humanity.

30. Approaching life with the beginners mind.

31. Opening your self to the other and through the other to the whole cosmos.

32. Using the right mask in right situation with right people.

33. When a spiritual awakening happens in you, and not falling back into old mental setup.

34. The courage to live in utter insecurity.

35. Intense seeking.

36. Daring to unlearn.

37. When you stop trying to live life and allow life to live you.

38. Thinking, speaking, acting in alignment with the truth.

39. The courage to face fear without fear.

40. Saying YES to life.

41. Welcoming the uniqueness of others without awakening your jealousy.

42. Feeling a deep friendliness towards your body and towards everything through your body.

43. Taking on responsibility without creating pressure and stress in you.

44. Living in choice less freedom.

45. Feeling all life as sacred.

46. Freedom from guilt and experiencing life beyond guilt.

47. Understanding that all your problems are no more than a hard hug from life.

48. Having compassion which flows towards everything.

49. Having the courage to love and to let go when required.

50. Doing your best and leave the rest.

51. An ordinary life lived in an extraordinary way.

52. Working from intuition, not just from dull intellect.

53. Gambling with life and losing it to the divine.

54. Being true to oneself and honest to oneself.

55. Intense passion directed towards no object, person, or situation.

56. Correct listening.

57. Knowing when to bend and when to stand and doing it.

58. Going beyond doubt and faith.

59. Celebrating your self as a conscious miracle of the cosmos.

60. Love minus possessiveness and suffering caused by possessiveness.

61. Being total in whatever you do.

62. Seeing the world each day as if for the first time.

63. Living in gratitude.

64. Risking your beliefs to explore the truth.

65. Living by consciousness, not for conscience.

66. Keeping the possibility to trust alive no mater how many times it is broken.

67. A constant conscious connection to something higher than you.

68. Spontaneous living in and with cosmos.

69. Understanding clearly that yesterdays free will is today's destiny and today's free will bee tomorrows destiny.

70. Being a natural inspiration for conscious living for those around you.

71. Not allowing your intelligence to destroy your innocence.

72. Total surrender with total responsibility.

73. Living with utter simplicity in outer world and abundance in inner world.

74. The courage to be yourself.

75. When you cannot be caught by desire or shaken by fear.

76. Realizing that nothing needs to be added to you or taken away from you.

77. Exploring your potential in 360 degrees.

78. Moving from fulfillment to more fulfilment to more and more fulfillment.

79. The courage to make mistakes and the ability to learn lessons from mistakes.

80. Allowing all emotions to play in you without touching you, only letting them teach you.

81. Living in romance with your self and through yourself with whole cosmos.

82. Doing a little more than you possibly can in any field.

83. Daring to live without ordinary beliefs.

84. Intense excitement for no reason.

85. Enjoying the path and the goal.

86. Expanding beyond the boundary of your body and mind.

87. Continuously bridging gap between your expectations and reality.

88. Living without regrets.

89. Radiating causeless overflowing love.

90. Infusing silence into your being and bringing restful awareness to you.

91. Enjoying everything that happens in your life as auspicious.

92. The strength to face life and death lightly.

93. Dropping the desire for suffering.

94. Walking through life with open arms.

95. The willingness to change your opinions and strategy for life.

96. Simplicity in words and actions.

97. Being aware of the games of the mind.

98. Serving without knowing you're serving.

99. Living without defences.

100. Taking the leap in consciousness.

101. Living in Nithyananda, eternal bliss.


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