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Just Stop Being Desperate

In today’s (27th August, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about how Completion makes you sure about you and how when you have that certainty you know who your enemy is. Desperation and anxiety are caused by casual thoughts not by the root pattern and can be eliminated just by the will to complete. Completion makes you win the game of life by clearing whatever is blinding you to who is attacking.

TRANSCRIPTS:- Today is the Day of Completion. In the Inner Awakening, second day, the Day of Completion. So, I will expand on some of the important principles of Completion. Please understand, the Science of Completion literally, the Science of Poornathwa literally brings you the Poornathwa (Completion). The Science of Completion literally brings Completion, whatever may be the conflicts, inside or outside. Most of the time, even you are not convinced you are the hero worthy of success. Even you have a doubt, May be a part of me is villain. That is why failures are happening. Listen! The Self-Doubt, internal conflicts and contradictions, internal confusions what to do, what not to do, whether to do this or not..... Completion, the first thing Completion does is, it brings you to the understanding of Dharma and goes on guiding you. Please understand, in Western society, it is always like who wins the war writes the history. But, in the Eastern side, it is always like before the war we know who is going to win, because, whoever is thoroughly convinced about themselves wins the war. See, thoroughly getting convinced about you, being sure about you, please understand, thoroughly getting convinced about you, being sure about you happens only when you bring the Science of Completion into your thinking, the Science of Poornathwa into your thinking. Please listen! Listen to this! Deity worship alone by its own right can give you enlightenment. Same way, what J. Krishnamurthy is teaching, the choiceless awareness, that alone by its own strength can give you enlightenment. Deity worship is an independent path; from A to Z it can lead you to enlightenment. Choiceless awareness is an independent path; just by its strength, it can lead you to enlightenment from A to Z. Deity worship or choiceless awareness, both will lead you to complete enlightenment, But you have to be sure about you, what do you want, please understand. The most unfortunate thing is not being sure about yourself. The Science of Completion, the first thing it does to your being is, bringing clarity to you, being sure about yourself. See, when you do Completion, Poornathwa, some things you will complete, some things you will not be able to complete; you will be struggling with it. With what you are struggling now, based on that, at least you will be sure about you. Please understand, whatever is completed and leaves your system, the oscillation, distractions, dilemmas created by those vague thoughts will disappear. Now you will be sure not only about you, but also about your enemy. Being sure about you makes you understand how to be sure about who is your enemy. Life itself is a great war. When you are sure about you and your enemy, I guarantee, you will win the war! Not only you will win the war, you will win the war without having desperation and anxiety. Because, all desperation, all anxiety is caused just by the casual thoughts. Please understand, all big dilemmas are caused by casual thoughts. It is just casual thoughts which are not scanned with the power of Completion, which are responsible for your desperation and dilemmas. Don't ever think desperation and dilemmas are created by your strong root pattern. No! Desperation and dilemmas are always caused by the passer-by thoughts. Please understand, this is one of the important revelations, especially for all our followers, disciples who are following the Science of Completion. You need to know, desperation and anxiety is never caused by root pattern. Desperation and anxiety will be caused only by the passer-by thoughts, the casual thoughts. Root pattern causes only delusion. Root pattern does bigger damages. Desperation and anxiety are caused just by the passer-by thoughts. Just by simple Completion you don't need to spend hours just by the remembrance that you are supposed to complete, just by the will to complete, without the help of the technique, the passer-by thoughts can be completed. Please understand, thoughts which can be completed just by will without using the technique of Completion, only those thoughts cause desperation and anxiety. The thoughts which cause desperation and anxiety will not have roots in your system. All the Inner Awakening participants, please listen!

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