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Self Doubt Can Destroy You

In today's satsangh I'll continue to expand on "COMPLETION AND STABILITY".

Let me expand on the deeper dimensions of Completion.

Listen! Completion: only with completion anything in your life is possible, and I wanted all of you to understand you have to first start completing even with this pattern of self-doubting. See, 'If I complete is it going to help me? And when I sit in front of the mirror, start completing, I don't think I feel complete.' Even these are patterns! Please understand, how many of you feel 'If I sit in front of the mirror and do the completion process, I don't know whether I am complete or not?' This is an important pattern that you need to understand. How many of you feel that way? Raise your hand. (People raise their hands).

So understand, all of you have one important pattern: self-doubting. This self-doubting pattern, unless you complete with that pattern also, completion will not happen. Understand, the pattern of self-doubting! Please listen, along with your root-pattern and split-up of your personality, one more thing has entered into you: constantly doubting. Please listen! Because any part of your personality decides or does anything, the other part doubts that cognition. Whatever your right hand does, left hand is doubting! Whatever your left hand does, right hand is doubting! So, you have to do everything with both hands, only then it will be successful.

So, first of all, you need to complete with this doubting pattern, constantly doubting yourself. Because you constantly doubt yourself, you doubt about the truths of completion, four tattwas, principles, you doubt everything. You doubt you. Because you doubt you, you doubt me. Please listen, if you doubt you, you will doubt me, because I am inside you more than you exist in you! If you are occupying 20-30% of you, I am occupying 60-70% of you. So, naturally, if you doubt you, you will doubt me. And, if you have anger towards you, you will have anger towards me!

Sometimes people think, 'oh, I don't have anger towards others, I have anger only towards me.' But I tell you, when you dig, dig, dig, you will see very clearly, vengeance towards others when you can't express it, it becomes anger towards you. Vengeance towards others when you can't express it, when you think, 'Oh, no! I know they are powerful! I have to be dependent on them!' then it expresses on you.

Today, I'll expand only on how to complete with your self-doubt. Listen! Understand, today I will expand just on this one subject: self-doubt! Sit and look in. Look in to find first time when the self-doubting started in you. Please understand, the moment you realize your inner image about you is different and the outer image you project to others is different, self-doubting will start on you.

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