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Your emotions are result of years of conditioning

Your emotions are result of years of conditioning that has gone into you; multiple levels of conditioning - conditioning from parents, siblings, family members. If your elder brother again and again gets angry and never gets corrected, gets away with it, you learn the lesson - Wow! Then by getting angry your space becomes more, nobody can bully you. You can get away with it. The lesson goes inside, that is a conditioning! Understand. Neither your elder brother directly conditioned you, nor your parents directly conditioned you, but your parents bend when your elder brother screams. Then, what lesson you learned? “Yes, by screaming I can get my way. I can get what I want.” You are now conditioned, the multiple level of conditioning. Same way - “How my brother gets attention? How my sister does not get attention?” All this conditions you... the multiple level of conditioning. Your whole personality, itself is a result of your parental and social conditioning... parental and social conditioning.

Attention-need is one of the fundamental childhood conditionings. Parents use fear and greed, as a tool to control you. For example, when you eat, they say, “What a good boy you are.” And they will tell you also, “If you don’t eat, you are a bad boy.” “How can that make me bad boy?” Of course unfortunately, you can’t think at that time. So, if they tell you, “You are bad boy”, you are bad boy that’s all! If they tell you, “You are good boy”, you are a good boy, that’s all!

Just to break this one conditioning, it takes almost one year for Me with My Ashramites. They have to get out of the words uttered by others and have their own understanding about themself. Just for this one thing, it takes one year for Me. Human beings are so deeply conditioned, by the words uttered by the parents. Unfortunately, they try to project their parents on Me. I tell them,” No! I am neither your father nor your mother. I am beyond. I am not going to be your father figure. No. I don’t want to do that sin, of conditioning you. It is time, you need to look in, the childhood attention need knots, conditionings. Understand. The original sin, is not Adam eating that apple. No! The original sin, is parents conditioning the kids. The first conditioning starts with the attention-need. How your parents control you?! Just see, if you are crying, “Aye, if you are crying constantly, you are a bad girl.” You keep quiet! That is where the basic conditioning starts. As far as I am concerned, when a child laughs, you should allow it to completely laugh. When a child cries, you should just allow the child to cry completely.

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