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How to connect with and experience Goddess Laxmi?

Question : "Can you please give deeper insight into Goddess Laxmi and how to connect with and experience Her?"

SPH : "First thing understand, do not connect with Goddess Laxmi like a energy, energy. No. Connect with Her as a being, intelligent, living in Vaikuntha and attends to your call, the moment you remember Her and request Her or pray to Her. Be very clear, Gods and Goddesses are Beings, independent intelligence. Connect with Goddess Laxmi as a being who resides eternally in Vaikuntha, but who is constantly available for your prayers and requests, calls... just out of Her sheer compassion; and do not worry about your past failures. "I try to call and it may not happen, it did not happen, it happened half" and all that; forget about it.

Now I am setting the right context and initiating all of you — “Devi, respond to people who call you.” And, I am initiating all of you, relate with Her as a living ever powerful, ever intelligent being. Ever compassionate, ever showering, Being. Relate with Her from this context, simply She will respond to you, simply She will shower you. And She herself will guide you, even to clean up the mess you created in muscle memory, and the mess you created in your bio-memory. She will love to support you, to clean you up and shower you with wealth. Because She is Independent Intelligence.

I tell you, relate, connect with Gods and Goddesses of Sanatana Hindu Dharma as Beings. They may have a philosophical meaning, an ideology for which they are standing, but they are not just the ideology alone. Please listen. I may be standing for a Dharma but I am not Dharma alone. I am a Independent Intelligence standing for that Dharma. Laxmi is an Independent Intelligence standing for wealth, the ideology of wealth. Don't reduce the Laxmi to just some energy and concept.

Hinduism is not just cultural identity it is spiritual, religious, cultural and more, identity."

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