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How to Forget an Ex-Boyfriend?

Q: “How to forget ex-boyfriend?”

I tell you, unless you realize the man within, you cannot forget your ex-boyfriend. Means, unless you experience the completion inside, you can not forget him. Please understand, each man carries certain feminine principles and energy inside and each woman carries certain masculine principles and energy inside. Only when the energies are met and merged, fulfillment happens. Only then you can forget your x, y chromosomes and relax in z. Z means Zen. Till then the more you try to forget, the more you will remember.

Understand, in the world there may be 3.5 billion men and 2.5 billion youth, but till you find the man inside, changing the man externally is not going to give the solution. Changing external men or women and trying to find a solution is a Western method. Once in 3 months if you don’t change either car, house, or husband, you are not updated. How long can this go on?

I tell you, look in, go to the root of the fantasy. Unless you correct the fantasy and accept the real person in your life, you are never going to settle down. As long as the fantasy is there as it is, no matter how many persons you may change – once in 3 months, once in a month or once a week, you will not experience peace. You will only have ex’s, that’s all.

Taken from the NewgeN Webinar by delivered on 8th April, 2012 by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

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