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Root Chakra - Useless when you fantasize

If you get caught up in dreaming of beautiful wealth, cars, houses, and a relationship with the most physically stunning partner, your root chakra is closed and useless to you. This causes all sorts of misery, weakness, and suffering.

Yet, the root chakra contains remarkable physical and mental power when it is fully open

We open our root chakra and gain its immense power when we are practical about our reality, in tune with the exact circumstances that we are surrounded by. For example, if we know our personal finances clearly, this gives us the power to make financial decisions from extreme clarity and strength. Contrast this with the person who lives in fantasy, spending money without consideration, in order to feel better. This person is likely to be scattered and unfocused.

How to open the Root Chakra

1. Select meditations that involve physical movement, these types of meditation bring you out of your fantasizing mind and into your physical body. They are typically energizing. Users report that some of these meditations benefit them when working on long projects, to generate the energy to continue on.

2. Daily, ask yourself very sincerely: What is my reality? Do not shy away from being tough on yourself. Our human tendency is to ignore the reality of our conditions. Think smokers and alcoholics. Acknowledge your reality.

a. What is my financial reality?

b. What is my relationship reality?

c. What is my health reality?

d. What is the reality of my goals?

When we create this clear picture of reality, we can see, for example, the massive impact of alcoholism on health, family, and work. Many report that having seen this reality, they immediately set out to become sober.

This is an example of how we can go about activating the root chakra and accessing the power that resides there.

I find this video really helpful in explaining

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