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Who is a rich man?

Rich man is a man who worked for his richness and knows the science of sustenance. Understand?

When a man creates richness, manifests, he understands the science of maintaining, rejuvenation and what all the delusions and complications richness can bring and how to get out and how to liberate himself from this so-called richness. A man who can play all five games with richness is rich man. Not who owns richness or who is imprisoned by his richness.

A man who is imprisoned by his richness is living the poor man's fantasy of rich man's life. If you have richness and still you have insecurity and complications and incompletions about richness in any form, you are only living the poor man's fantasy of rich man's life.

If richness is giving you complete completion and liberation, you know the creation, principles of richness and sustenance, principles of richness and rejuvenation, principles of richness and pulling out of delusion from any of the incompletions related to richness and liberating yourself from richness. If you are completely complete about your richness you are a rich man.

-- Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Listen. Listen. The inner space ... will be rich, if you stop getting disturbed by the words.

Understand, there is one level of inner space, even if they know the words are false, they get affected by it. That is like a, reading a stories and … horror stories and getting frightened. What a cheap inner space. Seeing in the some movies and getting into the mood. What a cheap inner space. There are some people, they don't get agitated if they watch some movie and which they know it’s absolute fiction and imagination. But they get agitated if they hear some rumour, scandal which can create little a little doubt, little mixture of little truth and like a one percent truth and ninety nine percent false. Some rumour, “Oh, which one percent is true?”

Again, if you get disturbed by the words, rumours, scandals - you are middle class mind.

-- Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Actually this was told to me by my guru, if you feel every rupee added to you makes you more rich, you should feel much more richer by every long breath added to you. Every long breath, the energy it awakens in you, energy it radiates through you is equivalent to every rupee accumulate. He told in a sense of that the Kundalini energy which is functioning in your system is more important than WEALTH.

Please understand poverty is nothing but deciding to live without finding solution for your problem.

Poverty means knowing your problem, does not want to solve it.

Richness means, constantly being alive.

Please understand, being alive is enough , you will not tolerate the existence of conflict and confusion and dilemma.

The meekness, weakness in thinking through about you your existential problems is poverty.

Listen, meekness and weakness about thinking through in your existential problems is poverty.

Poverty is nothing but resistance to life. Poverty is nothing but directly, indirectly cherishing and enjoying death. That is why for abundance webinar I have kept Kala Samhara murti here — by killing death only you will manifest abundance.

-- Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

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