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How to get rid of Tiredness and Boredom

Solution to get rid of Tiredness and Boredom

The dimension of the chidabhasa of the universe is where the activism of chit - what we call shakti, and the absolute pure existential reality of chit - what we call paramapurusha, both together - in its pure being space and intense doing space.

That space of chidabhasa is the source of all these 5 dimensions of the universe, length, breadth, depth, time and space.

Because modern day scientists are trying to use two different words - time and space, I am also using the same way. But in reality, time and space is a single sheet. One edge is time, and another edge is space.

It is not a watertight compartment. Like i said, for some people, in the same 100 meter cloth, 70 meter will be time, 30 meter will be space. For some, 30 meter time, 70 meter space. The time-space is the same sheath (avarana).

You should master this time and space continuum. It is simple, it is not complicated.

Many things which is too simple, we want to just complicate it; it is just sheer arrogance or suicidal mode which makes you say, ‘it is like this only, what can be done…?’

It is what is called pandemic fatigue and the delusional arrogance which i was describing.

Tiredness starts your destruction.

When you start associating yourself with the idea of tiredness, and when you declare your tiredness, you feel you should be treated very cutely. That is when the destruction starts in the life.

Tiredness is sickness. You need to be handled ferociously. Otherwise, it will become depression. Tiredness and cute teddy bear cuddly feeling with tiredness is depression.

When people treat you cutely with teddy bear cuddly behavior when you are tired, be very clear you are going to be in depression and those people who are dealing with you cutely are responsible for your depression.

When you declare your tiredness, you need Kalabhairava to deal with you, ferociously wake you up.

Boredom leads to suicidal tendencies; tiredness leads to depression.

If you are feeling tired, take a cup of coffee, do some yoga and break your tiredness.

Tiredness evolves as chronic fatigue and depression in your system.

That is why I insist on everyday intense yoga. It is the best way. If you are going for work, at least one hour yoga. If you are working from home, 2 hours yoga, to keep yourself alive.

Yoga is like neem juice. Once you start enjoying it, it will be a wonderful thing.

A person who enjoys only through the tongue is rogi (sick). You will eat, grab, swallow everything which makes you sick just because it tastes very good here (tongue).

Person who enjoys using the whole intestine is yogi. Anything which does good to your intestine and whole system, if you start enjoying it, you are yogi.

With hunger - langanam - fasting, you can see the whole intestine burning, nicely healing itself, detoxing itself, cleaning itself. If you start enjoying that, you are a yogi.

In india, food and love is closely associated. If you go to your friends’ and family’s house, attend some ceremony and festival, especially in a village like Tiruvannamalai, where everyday, some old person will die, someone will get married, someone will have 13th day ceremony and the funny thing is, the whole village is expected to attend, you have to eat there. And if you don’t attend, they won't come for your ceremony!

*but you can’t also leave it like that. They will send someone to your house function, to come and poke you and remind you: ‘because you did not come, they did not come,’ and destroy your festive mood! So it is a compulsory obligation!

*and if you go, you have to eat. If you don't eat, it is the next level crime!

My guru, Yogananda Puri, when devotees force him to eat something in this kind of social functions and ceremonies, immediately after eating, he will come to his house, drink salt water, make sure he vomits the whole thing, only then he will rest. It is a yogic kriya: drinking salt water and vomiting.

He used to tell very clearly, “you should taste, eat and enjoy what is enjoyed by the whole intestine, not what is enjoyed by the mouth.”

I will give you a few understandings:

Enjoy through the tongue which your whole intestine enjoys. You will be ‘yogi’.

Don't force your whole intestine to tolerate what your tongue enjoys. Then you will be just ‘rogi’ (sick)

Yogis have developed a unique eating style which is tasty and healthy - that is what is the agamic food.

I wanted that food described in the bhagashastra to become the lifestyle, the food which is very healthy and tasty.

I wanted bhagashastra to become a lifestyle - chain of restaurants: eat as much as you want, donate as much as you want.

Chidabhasa which is the source of length, breadth, depth, time, space can be manifested by the simple conscious decision.

It is too easy!

Don't try to conquer laziness for your whole life. Conquer laziness for now. Today you will not be lazy, that’s all. Don't try to say, ‘i will conquer laziness forever’. No, it doesn’t work!

Make sankalpas only to the time-space available to you immediately.

For almost all human beings, the immediate time-space available for you is only next few days because by that time, your space becomes different. You fall into deep sleep, tiredness, boredom. And when you come back, you are not the same person.

So immediately what is available to you, make sankalpa for that!

I will give you few techniques and understandings about the time-space continuum. The ‘time-space continuum’ word I am trying to explain by using the original sanskrit word - ‘chidabhasa’.

Some of the understandings and techniques related to time-space continuum:

With simple conscious will persistence, conscious decision, decide, ‘today i will not be tired.’ if you decide, ‘i will not be tired forever’ - immediately, one part of your mind you have inside you, your automated artificial intelligence version of your spouse inside you will say, ‘how many times you made the same sankalpa and how times you utterly, bitterly, stupidly failed!’

Your greed to achieve in the land which is not in your control strengthens your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial (sdhd) gets strengthened if you try to declare supremacy over something which is not there in your hands, which is not your territory or known boundary. You have next few days in your hands, declare supremacy for that. You will win the life.

Even you do not know how the next few years is going to look like in your life which is beyond your boundary. So declare supremacy only over your known territory.

Whenever you try to declare supremacy over your unknown territory, your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial gets strengthened and it spits on your face.

Declare supremacy over the time-space available to you. That is what i call satya sankalpa. Your whole life is not actually known to you or available to you as you falsely imagine. Your mood is the fragrance of your space. If you are in love, you will have friendly mood. If you are in peace, bliss will be your space. Your ability to retain your space, is only the time available to you in your life.

If i can retain my peaceful joyful space and radiate the mood of ecstasy bliss for the next two days, then only the two days is the time i have in my life. So i can only plan for the next two days and only that will be successful and strengthening the confidence in me. That is the way you consciously start building you. Your chidabhasa - source of time-space continuum gets built successfully only with time-based sankalpas.

Make sankalpa only for the time space available in your hand, in your life. This is first.

Second, this may look too simple, but when you start practising you will understand how powerfully this works for you to be stable:

The most beautiful emotion which can bring stability in your life is love. Morning when you wake up, wake up the atma linga you are wearing: ‘mahadeva please wake up.’ morning when you take bath: ‘swamiji please take bath’. Always wear it. That is the best way.

When you eat, ‘Swamiji please eat’. When you brush, take a little haritaki powder and say, ‘mahadeva please brush.’ when you are falling asleep, tell him, ‘mahadeva please sleep.’

If you have a special feast or celebration, tell, ‘mahadeva please eat’ and then you eat.

When you spray perfume on you, spray on him saying, ‘i got this yesterday,’ put your lipstick on him, nothing wrong. I have enough shastra pramanas to prove what i am saying is right: ‘whatever you enjoy, offer to him and enjoy.’

If you are lying on your couch, tell him, ‘mahadeva enjoy this beach view.’

Start this, it is too simple. The chidabhasa - time-space continuum will explode in such high energy. Life manifests the chidabhasa - time-space continuum in you - sweetly and beautifully.

He is neither outside nor beyond your reach. He is the source of you. When you generate a loving, sweet relationship, that makes your time-space continuum huge.

If you don't feel like wearing atma linga, even the rudraksha is a linga. Agamas allow you to do shiva puja to your kantha mala itself keeping it as atma linga. So you can tell all these words to your kanta mala itself as mahadeva.

The love continuum will make your chidabhasa powerful. Your chidabhasa will become strong and the time-space continuum will expand.

People who live around me can tell - if any of our books is printed and the first copy is brought to me, the first thing i will do is take and offer to the atma linga and say, ‘mahadeva, please have it!’ that will bring such extreme sweet relationship!

Even if you start understanding that he is watching you, it is over! If understand that he is continuously seeing you, it is enough to fall in love, and explode in love. I know people who the moment they know I am seeing them, they go crazy with love. The moment you start understanding mahadeva is watching you, you just explode in love. The chidabhasa explodes!

Vyuthpaththi of the word chidabhasa, means the explanation of the word chidabhasa:-


चित आभासः प्रतिविम्बः ।

बुद्धावात्म प्रतिविम्बे जीवे बुद्धिवृत्तिचिदाभासौ इति वेदान्तकारिका

The reflection of chit - consciousness

The reflection of consciousness chit in the buddhi - in your being (jiva)

This word chidabhasa is used in vedanta karika

First few days only it will be a monologue. It will be as if you are only talking to paramashiva. After few days, you will see he is responding in your inner space! You will just know he accepted your food, you will just know he accepted the cold shower you gave. The love starts becoming a complete circle. You give, he showers, you give, he showers - the whole ecstasy starts!

He always showers! He only makes sure you don't start using mahadeva’s love as your crutch. You should not use his love as your crutch.

You should not become handicap because he showers on you. That is the only thing he makes sure. He wants to make you fly through his love. He doesn't want you to become sick and start using him as your crutch.

The other day, i was seeing the review of kailasavasis. The administrator sends me review of the kailasavasis and their inner space. One administrator reported that two kailasavasis are highly inspired and don’t need to be inspired.

The only thing Paramashiva looks for is, ‘when I pour my love, are you going to fly, using it as inspiration to inspire yourself.’ that's all! That's the only thing. Nothing else.

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् ।

uddharedātmanātmānaṁ nātmānamavasādayet

Ability to inspire yourself without external inspiration means you found the source of your love inside, internally. Chidabhasa of you has opened up. The chidabhasa of you is paramashiva!

If you open your chidabhasa, you are a winner anywhere you are. How much time and energy you spend grooming a pet, even one percent of the time and energy if you spend on grooming your personal paramashiva, your chidabhasa will open up!

Your pet opens the love dimension of you. Your atma linga opens the conscious dimension of you.

For example - now i am seeing all of you. If I just mention a few people’s names and tell that you have dressed my deity well, how you will jump: ‘Swamiji called out my name!’ just knowing i am seeing you, you go to ecstasy! Same way, paramashiva will make you realize in a few days that he is seeing you and responding to you. That will put you in the ecstasy of chidabhasa!

When the chidabhasa ecstasy starts, more time and more space is under your sovereignty. You can declare your supremacy. You can declare and manifest anything you want. In the ordinary world it is supremacy. In the supreme world, it is oneness, there is no separate supremacy.

Yesterday i was telling you, you should be in tune with guruvak - guru’s words - so much, that guru should start obeying you. That is the absolute fulfillment of the relationship between you and paramashiva.

My guru’s statement, when her guru, that is my paramaguru, put the padmasana three days after the so-called clinical death, she said, ‘i have done all that he said when he was in the body. That is why he is doing what i am saying after he has left the body!’ what a guru-disciple relationship!

What i am saying about Isakki Swami did not happen secretly. It happened in open space in front of the whole village. At least a few thousand people were there doing the jeeva samadhi for him. He is well known. In front of all of them in a place called panchamukham this happened. My guru kuppammal prayed in front of him saying, ‘the legs should be in padmasana’ and immediately he put his legs in padmasana! This happened in public!

Start enjoying through your two eyes what is enjoyed by your third eye. There are some things even in the dream you do, which you like, rewind, replay and watch. Whatever you replay and enjoy even in your dream - religion, spirituality, devotion or even your sensual pleasure - anything you enjoy and replay in your dream is cherished in your third eye, enjoy through your two eyes, then they will never be sick. That is your dharma, artha, kama, moksha.

Whole day, as many times as possible, whether you eat, sleep, take bath, spray perfume, just do it for your atma linga also, through atma linga to mahadeva or to your guru, paramashiva.

In hindu tradition, we treat guru and god as one and the same. Guru is the manifestation of god. God is the unmanifest component of guru. Avyakta guru is paramashiva. Vyakta paramashiva is guru.

I have a shastra pramana in shaiva agamas. It speaks about the continuum.

While paramashiva from the nirvikalpa state - akshubdha bindu - manifests himself into the whole universe, he manifests as 36 tattvas. In this continuum of 36 tattvas, akasha is at one end, being in the mahabhutas of the ashuddha tattva domain and kaala is the other end, produced from maya tattva, being in the shuddha-ashuddha tattva domain.

Starting from akshubdha bindu, that is nirvikalpa state-

shiva tattva

shakti tattva

sadashiva tattva

ishvara tattva

shuddha vidya tattva

maya tattva

kalaa tattva

niyathi tattva

kaala tattva

vidya tattva

raaga tattva

purusha tattva

prakriti tattva

buddhi tattva

manas tattva

ahankara tattva

5 jnanendriyas

5 karmendriyas

5 tanmatras

5 mahabhutas

In this, all are in continuum. Time - kaala and space - akasha both are also in continuum.

I will initiate all of you into the chidabhasa to manifest paramashiva, especially all the paramashivoham season 11 participants.

Let us break the pandemic fatigue, delusional arrogance and suicidal tendency and manifest paramashiva.

When you say ‘paramashivoham’, you have self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial: ‘am i paramashiva?’ and when you utter ‘paramashivaya namaha’ also, you feel, ‘oh then shiva and me are separate?’

So just utter: shiva, shiva, shiva - there is no ‘me’ to have oneness relationship or duality relationship. Only shiva exists. Shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva. Only he is vibrating. You neither need to suffer with self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial when you declare oneness, nor you need to have inferiority complex, ‘oh shiva is separate from me, i have to bow down.’

Kularnava tantra says -

नरवत् दृश्यते लोके श्रीगुरुः पापकर्मणा ।

शिववत् दृश्यते लोके भवानि पुण्यकर्मणा।।

naravat dṛśyate loke śrīguruḥ pāpakarmaṇā

śivavat dṛśyate loke bhavāni puṇyakarmaṇā

oh devi...

Guru is perceived as human being due to papa - thoughts and actions that are not in alignment with the consciousness.

Guru is realized as paramashiva due to punya - the thoughts and actions that are in alignment with the consciousness.

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