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Secret to attracting wealth

Whatever you want to be, enlightened, healthy, wealthy, whatever – the actual work you need to do is on your fears . Actual work you need to do is on your fears.

You are working on many wrong things. You think, you need to work on your desires, you think you need to work on your guilt, work on your energy, work on your activism, intelligence.

No I am telling you, intelligence is not information it is ability to handle information, that comes only when you crack down your FEARS.

In the path of Enlightenment, if fear is the wall, desire is just a small rope having between two pole, guilt may be small thorny bush in one corner,.

Many things which you may not need to face, you are working on it. Actually you need to crack down on your fear, that is the most important wall you need to break.

Even here, the secrets of attracting wealth, the most important thing you need to break, is your FEAR.

Its for the courageous.

Actually I see, from my own experience I tell you – wealth worships the feet of courageous people . End of the whole secret.

-- Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

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